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WWCoCo New Media, (neé Women's Web Construction Company), builds places for people online. Since 1996 we have provided clients with a variety of web design, graphics, online content, and multimedia services which we combine with a solid knowledge of virtual community to help you bring people together online.

Let us show you you can educate, engage, and retain your clients, customers, constituents and community members using state-of-the-art interactive web tools.

Our expertise helps you take advantages of the unique strengths of the internet to bring people together. We have a keen sense of the "currencies of the web" such as:

  • Capturing Attention
  • Interactivity with a purpose
  • Multimedia with a purpose
  • Online Communities

We firmly believe that interactive multimedia and online community is the future of the web, especially as more people worldwide gain internet access and bandwidth issues fade in importance. Let us help you shape that future!

Our team leaders:

A partial client list includes:

    Cybergrrl, Inc.
    Digital City San Francisco
    Digital University
    Durand Communications
    Electric Minds
    Family Investment Trust
    Full Circle Associates
    Jim Shaw Graphics
    Lundeen & Associates
    Third Planet Jewelry Design
    U.S. Department of Education

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