Barbara Staples

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I call my staircase Everest
My bedroom's at the top
Even though I crawl and rest
It takes more than I've got.

Lying hungry in my bed
It may as well have bars
Can't move my hands or lift my head
I call the kitchen Mars.

My breath rasps foul, uneven
I'm fetid and I stink
I call the bathroom Heaven
Days I make it to the sink.

Time again to change the sheets
Night sweats have left a mess
My pounding heart skips several beats
They call THIS CFS?

I wander in a greying haze
How long I cannot tell
Dazed and glazed for days n days
I call the brainfog Hell.

Each day the task begins anew
I stumble, fall and fuss
I inch along where I once flew
Just call me Sisyphus.

[Ed. note: Sisyphus was a figure
in Greek mythology
who was doomed forever in Hades
to roll uphill a heavy stone
which always rolled down again.]

© Barbara Staples, 1996

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