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What is CFIDS? Facts & Information

Albrecht, Frank, PhD
Visiting the Emerson Girls: Did Alice James have CFIDS?
Berne, Katrina (excerpted from Running on Empty)
CFS Symptoms
Billinsky, Christyn
  • CFIDS and Depression
    Boettcher, Sue (Editor)
  • CFIDS: a primer - What your Friend or Family Member with CFS Needs You to Know
  • Running on Empty
  • The Doctor's Guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Osler's Web
  • Burns, Roger
  • CFIDS: A Short Summary
  • CDC 1994 Definition of CFIDS
  • "Yuppie Flu" is Dead
    FAQ re: Ampligen
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Ampligen
  • More Ampligen Info
    Information re: Anesthesia and CFIDS
  • Anesthesia and CFIDS
    Information re: RNase L
  • Information on RNase L
  • Dr. Suhadolnik's address to Congress
    Hitchcock, Jayne
  • A Press Release about CFIDS
    Jacobson, Betsy
  • Fibromyalgia Offline Resources
    Jordan, Karen PhD
  • The Epidemiology of CFIDS
    Lannert, Jonna PhD
  • Crisis Intervention (suicide)
    Ostrom, Neenyah
  • The Promise of Ampligen:
  • Stone-Cold Decade (re: Ampligen)
    Schweitzer, Mary PhD
  • Issues: a statement to the CFSCC
    Other sites
  • More Personal Accounts by PWCs
  • General Information and FAQs
  • Scholarly Articles
  • CFIDS Organizations
  • General Disability Information
  • Print Resources

  • Poetry

    Aldridge, Donna
  • Broken Hearted
    Allan, Tara
  • These Days
  • The Last Letter
  • Listen
    Breidenbach, Ronn
  • The Fog
    Brogan, Christi Calvert
  • The Real Me
    Chipman, Sidney
  • I'm a "Unique" Person
    Downing, Steve
  • CFIDS Blues
    DuPre, Steven
  • To This Disease
  • Oh, to Dance Again!
  • This Day
    Freeman, Janet
    The Tide
    Friedlich, John
  • Flight from Pain
  • Being a Bee
  • Waking
  • Today
    Frighetti, Paula
  • A Poem
    Gall, Grover
    Still Desired
    Griffiths, Phyllis
    Hahn, Pamela Rice
  • Alone With the Symptoms
  • Escaping Immunity's Straightjacket
  • Gathering Growies on Vesper Hill
  • There Are No Rainbows at Night
    Holzschlag, Molly
  • The Secret Glass
    Ingalls, Jacki
  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Weakness of the Body & Strength of the Spirit
    Kamelhair, Nora
  • I'm Scared
    Tomorrow - a PWC's Dream
    Loechell, Kirsten
  • Riding the Wave
    Lorden, Lisa
  • Fallen
  • A Quiet Strength
    Ponce, Sandra
  • Prisoners of Pain
    Roberts, Diane
  • Tired of Pretending
    Staples, Barbara
  • Four Short Poems
  • Names
  • The Way of the CFIDS Warrior

  • Art

    Friedlich, John
  • Advocacy Involvement
  • The CFIDS Bunny
  • The Mars Rover & PWC
  • When Will Washington See?
  • CFIDS Brain
  • Medical Mouse
  • Cause of CFS
  • Waiting for Treatment
  • Trapped in CFS
    Shaderowfsky, Eva
  • Twelve Graphics

  • Act and Interact

    Boettcher, Sue (Editor)
  • What is this Web Site all about?
  • What can I do to help?
  • Search for pen pals and romantic interests - disabled or healthies
  • Pen pal listings, mailing lists, chat, and message boards
  • Our own message boards! Respond to individual comments, introduce yourself, ask questions - more.
    Old guest comments (pre-message board):
  • Read others' comments
    Digital Post Office
  • Send or pick up your free Digital Postcard
    Submission Guidelines
  • Listening to CFIDS Submission Guidelines

  • Personal Stories & Essays

    Albrecht, Frank, PhD
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Hysterical??
  • Kids, Friends, and Dependency
  • On the Importance of Pets
  • The Look
    Banks, Dianna
  • Hope: from a YPWC
    Burton, Chris
  • Thanksgiving Day
    Clement, Linda
  • Athletes, CFIDS, and the News
    Eckerle, Condy
  • Loneliness vs. Being Alone
    Friedlich, John
  • We Have Been There Before
  • What the "Fatigue" in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Means
  • To Fly: Living with Disability
  • Thoughts on the CFS Teleconference
  • A Personal Advocacy Postscript
    Gage, Carolyn
  • So You Know a Dyke with CFS...
    Goranson, Nadine
  • Silent Trespass
    Griffiths, Phyllis
  • CFIDS and Self-Esteem
  • Fear
  • Isolation and Interpersonal Support
  • The Value of Connection
  • Tired
  • How Bad Can It Get?
  • Bedridden
    Hahn, Pamela Rice
  • Changing My Act
    Holzschlag, Molly
  • A Letter to Vice President Al Gore
  • May 12 is International CFIDS/ME Awareness Day
  • Tomorrow: On Turning 30
    Hopkins, Lloyd
  • An Education in Itself
    Houghton, Kathleen
  • Despair and Frustration Reality for Sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • The Thief of Many Lives
    Kageyama, Rika
  • CFS and Japanese Medicine
    Kaysen, Jesse
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Wheelchair
    Karasik, Mel
  • Why CFIDS Advocacy?
  • The Good Guys
    Katz, Elaine
  • Comfy, my Dog
  • Family and Friends
    Kimmitt, Michael
  • Distilled
  • Lapsus
  • Me
    Klaus, Sue
  • How to Kill a Friend
    Lang, Karen
  • My Experience with Ampligen, 1997-1998
  • Supermom Has a Tear in Her Cape
    Pollman, Robyn
  • To My Husband, After One Year
  • A Letter to Friends in Med School
    Poppe, Daniel
  • Random Thoughts on CFIDS
    Price, Erin
  • CFS as a Teen
    Schweitzer, Mary
  • CFIDS as a "Female" Disease
  • Good Morning SEE-fids
  • Music and CFIDS
  • A Review of Elaine Showalter's Book
  • Spacing Out at the Mall
  • The SSDI Application Process
  • Trying to Keep Going with CFIDS
  • Why I Hate the Term "Fatigue"
  • Friends and my CFS
  • Mental "Self-Help" and CFIDS
  • Sadness, Frustration, and Depression
  • What I Want for Christmas ...
  • To a PWC Friend Whose Family Doesn't Understand
  • Managed Health Care
    Shaderowfsky, Eva
  • A Day in the Life of a PWC
  • The Dress
  • My Doctor
  • My Mind
    Straznitskas, Matt
    A Few Words
  • Personal "X" Files

  • Humor

  • ::Yawn::
    Author Unknown
  • Doctors
    Brainfog Funnies
  • Brainfog Funnies
    Davis, Betsy J.
  • The CFIDS Machine
    Friedlich, John
  • Changing a Lightbulb: How Many PWCs Does it Take?
  • The Computer that Could Not - The Computer that Would Not
  • Justice
  • Single PWCs and Dating
  • Something I Ated?
  • An Unofficial History of CFIDS
  • Adaptive Living
  • The Price of Convenience
  • Chain Letter Health Services
  • A Chain Letter
  • Captain CFIDS
    Hellwege, Jason
  • What if the Rich & Famous Had CFS?
  • Why Me?
  • Why Your Test Results Are Always Great

  • About the Authors

    Donna Aldridge
    Tara Allan - bio
    Christyn Billinsky
    Ronn Breidenbach - bio
    Christi Calvert Brogan
    Roger Burns
    Chris Burton
    Sidney Chipman
    Linda Clement
    Steve Downing
    Steven DuPre - bio
    Condy Eckerle
    Janet Freeman - bio
    John Friedlich
    Paula Frighetti
    Carolyn Gage - bio
    Grover Gall
    Nadine Goranson
    Phyllis Griffiths - bio
    Pamela Rice Hahn - bio
    Jayne Hitchcock
    Jason Hellwege - bio
    Molly Holzschlag
    Lloyd Hopkins
    Kathleen Houghton - bio
    Jacki Ingalls - bio
    Betsy Jacobson
    Mel Karasik
    Jesse Kaysen
    Michael Kimmitt - bio
    Nora Kamelhair
    Elaine Katz
    Sue Klaus - bio
    Lisa Lorden - bio
    Neenyah Ostrom
    Robyn Pollman
    Sandra Ponce
    Erin Price
    Diane Roberts
    Mary Schweitzer
    Eva Shaderowfsky - bio
    Barbara Staples - bio
    Matt Straznitskas - bio
    Tyburn - bio

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