Christi Calvert Brogan

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The Real Me

I feel like a prisoner
Chained behind my happy facade.
I cannot let you know the Real Me.
So I hide behind my wall,
And slowly let myself believe
That I am what I profess.

I feel so fake, so unreal.
After you left, the Real Me died,
The Real Me was put behind this wall
A wall so thick and so high
That not even a ball and chain
Can break through.

But now the wall has a crack,
And as the crack widens
More of the Real Me escapes.
It frightens me to think
How you will react
To the New Me.

The New Me is very different
From the identity I have
Portrayed to you.
She is the one who care
And can be hurt.
She is the one who can cry
Without being ashamed
She is, the New Me.

© Christi Calvert Brogan, 1997

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