Eva Shaderowfsky

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Photo of Eva Shaderowfsky In 1991, after she got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, her life as a photographer and writer fairly well ceased. Then her son gave her a modem and the software for AOL. She immediately signed on to find a CFS support group. But there was none, so she started one. Then she looked for a place to discuss women's issues. There wasn't anything and she started The Women's Room on AOL in September of 1991. This led to a second chat, called the Women's Issues Conference, first in CNN and then in the Women's Network. The Women's Issues Conference was renamed "Evenings with Eva" at the suggestion of Nancy Rhine, AOL's former Director of Women's Programming.

In 1997 Eva and her business partner, SueBD, founded women2women, a women's community online, (http://women2women.com). In October, 1998, they moved Evenings with Eva there, creating a home page at http://women2women.com/evenings-with-eva/

"I'm really excited by the fact that more and more women are getting online. What I'd like to see is a true representation of women reflecting the population. 50% women is my goal. And I do think we're getting there!"

Eva is an experienced and distinguished writer, moderator, and advocate for women online. Among her many accomplishments is recognition in Who's Who and in Who's Who of American Women, from 1991 to the present.

You can find Eva's personal web site at http://www.webgrrls.com/eva/. Eva can be reached at evas@aol.com.

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