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Weakness of the Body & Strength of the Spirit

Sometimes my arms are so weak it hurts to lift my fork to my mouth to eat.
Sometimes I feel too weak to take any more pills, helpful or not.
Sometimes I'm too weak to face another day, another night, even another hour.
Sometimes I'm so weak it's hard to smile.
I didn't know a body could be so weak and survive.

Inside my spirit fights to smile, even if it is just on the inside.
My spirit fights to find something to laugh about.
It fights to find something to focus on, besides my weakness.
My spirit holds me together when my body lets me down.

Sometimes I have to take a bath because I can't stand up long enough to take a shower.
Sometimes I'm so weak talking with a cherished loved one is exhausting.
Sometimes I'm too weak to cry.
Sometimes reading takes too much out of me.

Somewhere deep inside my spirit has an eternal hope for recovery.
My spirit looks to my children for laughter and purpose.
It searches for the good God has blessed me with.
My spirit holds my weak body together.
Body & soul has new meaning for me.
Without my spirit, my gift from God there would be no tomorrow.
There would be no hope, no love, no need.
With my spirit God helps me see that even though life can be a constant struggle, there are moments that make the days, nights, and hours worth the fight.

© Jacki Ingalls, 1997

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