Janet Freeman

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The Tide

Hesitant at first
Hardly there
A trickle

Then energy returns
Full flow,
Spreads through my body,
Warm, sparkling, tidal.

At each ebb
the flow is stronger,
The urge to move to act,
Plans flood through my head,
The world becomes more brilliant,

I move around
Taller, erect,
Enjoy each moment,
Dare to reach
Higher up the cliff,
Enjoy the view,
Know, surely,
This will last, then

Treacherous body,
Life retreats,
Force is gone,
The heights collapse.
Light, insight, richness
Hide, fade.

Left stranded,
Inert and dull
I search for comfort,
Assure myself,
Prepare for less,
Remember more,
Wait for another time.

Reproduced with permission from CATHARSIS, volume 8, January 1994.

© Janet Freeman, 1996

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