John Friedlich

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My Secret Life as Captain CFIDS

Hearing a call for help I stepped into the nearest phone booth, took a gulp of my CFIDS Red Wonder, and started to change into my Captain CFIDS suit. Problem was, a cop found me while I was just in my shorts, he cuffed me and took me down town. Wasn't so bad though; it was a lot friendlier than my HMO was when told them I was Captain CFIDS. Anyway, after showing them my credentials (the CFIDS symptom checklist) they let me go. In fact, they asked me to go. So, off came my cloths again, on went my energyproof leotards and cape, and I climbed to the tallest building I could find. (Good thing it was only one story high!) Upon reaching the roof I threw my arms back, sucked in my chest, and off I went... Moments later I awoke. Strange thing was I never remembered falling out of bed.

© Friedlich, 1993
from The Chronicles of CFIDS: One Patient's Forum

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