John Friedlich

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Something I Ated?

Is it a virus incubated
Or toxins accumulated
A hidden condition reactivated
Immune system decimated

Another illness aggravated
Neural enigma deregulated
Psyche flaw extenuated
Mitochondria mutilated

Or many of these cumulated
To date, it's all postulated

To the condition relegated
And the body emaciated
The symptoms are exacerbated
By treatments not tolerated

Never feeling acclimated
Struggling to be coordinated
Fumbling seems attenuated
Suffering, not alleviated

Always feeling barbiturated
Wishing to be extricated

Previous life style terminated
From the world so separated
Now brain fog incarcerated
Yes, life is desolated

Friends and family evacuated
Fellow colleagues alienated
Broken plans accumulated
Fewer calls anticipated

Totally disassociated
A lonely life to be navigated

Still the myths perpetuated
Closed minds articulated
Subjective theories exaggerated
Other data manipulated

Conflicting theories complicated
Objective findings understated
The syndrome being denigrated
Symptoms invalidated

Lives being obliterated.

© Friedlich, 1995
from The Chronicles of CFIDS: One Patient's Forum

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