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What the "Fatigue" in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Means

It means a stationary existence in which others are forever fading over the horizon. It is the impediment that often obstructs achieving even the simplest tasks. It is more then a sensation; it's a bone crushing reality that reduces life's successes to the simplest of tasks. It is not being able to feel the effect of momentum, physically or emotionally. It's being shackled to an invisible ball and chain. It's the drain in the bottom of the sink that sucked down much of my intellectual abilities. It is having to live with constant disappointments. It is a yet to be discovered influence on the laws of physics which is somehow able to increase the forces of gravity. It is a phenomenon that is able to mysteriously stretched finite distances between objects and places. It's incarceration without due process of law. It's a physiologic enigma, a medical equivalent to a black hole. It is an amplitudinal measurement of exhaustion that transcends the physical and cognisant worlds. It is a broken circuit somewhere between thoughts and abilities. It is a neurologic blight that steals thoughts in midstream. It is the rug that is pulled out from under at the onset chronic fatigue syndrome. It is a relentless debilitating yet invisible disability that does not go away.

© Friedlich, 1995
from The Chronicles of CFIDS: One Patient's Forum

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