John Friedlich

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Woke on my pillow --'twas 6:03
Morning or night unapparent to me
Brain still filled with cognition debris
Feeling more like a cerebral amputee

Do I try to trust my legs
Pull myself from coherent dregs
Get up to make coffee and eggs

Go to the freezer for a TV dinner
Or let myself get a little thinner

Being my own energy conservator
I drifted off to "sleep" once more
The vertical world too much to explore

"Woke" again at 7:05
Still not sure if I was dead or alive
Gravitationally impaired -- still no drive
But knowing a new day did arrive

A day to face the same four walls
Although the outside world so enticingly calls
A day to cope with all my illness enthralls
To longingly wish for nonexistent cure-alls

Hours of misplacing thoughts and things
Trying to rejuvenate my energy springs
Hoping to hear those telephone rings

Getting up from my horizontal nest
I'm damned if I won't do my very best

To bring the world closer to me
And hopefully contribute something to thee

Despite the shackles of CFIDS/M.E.

© Friedlich, 1996
from The Chronicles of CFIDS: One Patient's Forum

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