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The Good Guys

FRUSTRATED, with a difficult time getting the medical profession to understand what we are shouting to them.

OVERWHELMED, by the negative reaction from the media to our pleading that they present CFIDS as the disease that it is.

Maybe, just maybe , there is another way.

This is an election year for many in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Looking back over correspondence of the past year, there were numerous Internet postings of positive and supportive comments from some of our Congressmen. A request was made for development of a list of "Good Guys" in the House. Of the 435 Congressmen, we did get true understanding and assistance from 18. That is a beginning.

Why not 100 or 200 on the "Good Guy" list? Then we can attempt to form a coalition and accomplish an influence on legislation relating to funding, the insurance industry, informing the medical profession, and even getting the media to present the whole story.

Why not? We have the numbers. We are representative of the general population, and our Congressmen are elected to serve the needs of the people that they represent. Let's do it now, the time is right. Write a letter to your representative asking for support for our cause.

Some take 2-3 months to respond, but most do . Post their comments, and let's get this list going now. Please do not be embarrassed or shy, they are no different than you or I. Most reside in, or have an office near, your town. Be polite, be brief, tell them something about yourself, and ask for their support.

If your Congressman or Congresswoman is already on the list, write to him/her again and let them know how many PWCs are out there. Is it possible that your Congressman is not on the "Good Guy" list? Then ask, why not ?

The CFIDS community has received understanding, support and encouragement from :

Robert Wexler (FL), Henry Waxman (CA), Jerrold Nadler (NY), Mike Castle (DE), Carolyn McCarthy (NY), Jim Kolbe (AZ), Frank Palone (NJ), Dan Miller (FL), Bill Young (FL), Peter Deutsch (FL), Paul McHale (PA), Slade Gorden (WA), Vic Fazio (CA), Bernie Sanders (VT), Peter DeFazio (OR), Elizabeth Furse (OR), Greenwood (PA), Baily (VA).

Let's do it. Let's do it now. Let's FIGHT BACK!

Send your additions to the "Good Guy " list to

Mel Karasik is President of the Florida CFIDS Association.

This piece first appeared in CFSMail, edited by Linda Clement.

© Mel Karasik, 1998

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