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May 12 is International CFIDS/ME Awareness Day

On behalf of CATHARSIS, I would like to have readers take a moment and think about what advocacy and awareness means. Undeniably people with CFIDS/ME have suffered--not only from the physical ramifications of the illness, but from the misinterpretation and misunderstanding surrounding it. Advocacy efforts world-wide have been pushing to educate, or in many instances, completely reform, the myth of the mystery of CFIDS. Each opening of a mind, clarification of a though--every time someone understands the facts versus the fallacies of CFIDS/ME--every moment like that is a victory. It is a victory for science and medicine, a victory for human consciousness and caring, a victory for each of us as individuals as we move closer to the possibilities of hope rather than toward despair. Advocacy is the seed of our future, and I encourage everyone who is affected by this illness in any way to work towards these victories by starting with their own assessment and interpretation of what advocacy truly means. Then, let us decide together how we can shine that 'ray of hope' on our tomorrows.

Reproduced with permission from CATHARSIS, volume 12, May 1994.

© Molly Holzschlag, 1996

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