Molly Holzschlag

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The Secret Glass

From this crystal and through
the secret glass of the sun
I implore clarity
to reveal herself softly

There is a secret hidden
in the dendrites and dark
in the recesses of this
place where I

day after day after day
reside in the wax and wane.

How can
the dawning of summer
seem so crisp and true
yet tossed a great distance
and I, left grasping,
cannot reach that distance
long to
to embrace summer.

There is a remembrance
and a sensation of warmth
from a long-gone promise
that life would always be
free of distortion and I

could always dance with the
could forever see the crystal
clear promise of what
was wrapped up in that precious
mystery gift they called


Reproduced with permission from CATHARSIS, volume 12, May 1994.

© Molly Holzschlag, 1996

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