Nora Kamelhair

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Tomorrow - a PWC's Dream

Tomorrow I'll wake up early, and I'll have lots of energy,
Tomorrow I'll tackle all those bills I need to pay,
Tomorrow I'll balance the checkbook,
Tomorrow I'll make all those phone calls I need to make,
Tomorrow I'll clean the house,
Tomorrow I'll do the laundry,
Tomorrow I'll go back to work,
Tomorrow I'll have a real social life again with a lot of friends,
Tomorrow I won't wake up in pain,
Tomorrow my mind will be clear,
Tomorrow I'll be able to think and remember things like I used to,
Tomorrow I'll be cured of this DD (damn disease),
Tomorrow I'll have my life back again,
Tomorrow, so near and yet so far,
Tomorrow, will you ever come for me?

© Nora Kamelhair, 1997

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