Pamela Rice Hahn

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There Are No Rainbows at Night

The wind can bend each vulnerable tree;
As I, from your words, when we disagree.
Lightning pierces and masquerades as day,
Bright flashes of hope amid disarray.
We share life together; but not as one,
For I am the moon and you are the sun.
Thunder is bellowing, the sky rebels . . .
Echoed with snoring; it's silent, then swells.
Lingering moisture on the window pane . . . .
Rain must be female, to choose to remain
While all around her explodes, then is gone.
The disruption's past . . . she's still clinging on.
And 'though you're beside me to keep me warm,
I never can sleep during a storm.

© Pamela Rice Hahn, 1996

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