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Tired is the best single word to describe how I'm feeling at this moment. Every fiber of my body is tired. I'm not actually sleepy, so I can't just crawl back into bed and sleep away the day. No, I wish I was that lucky, but for today I have no such luck..

Tired describes every aspect of my body.. inside and out, top to bottom.. I look tired, baggage under my eyes, my cheeks droopy. My hair looks tired too. As lifeless as I feel. My face feels rubbery to me.. and to smile or frown or even sip my morning coffee takes concentrated effort. My body is tired, sagging down into my chair. My legs are like rigor mortis has begun to set in.. the muscles are stiff yet rubbery. Every motion requires distinct and concentrated effort..

My innards feel tired too. It's a hard sensation to describe.. but when you even pee in a slow and tedious action you just know that everything inside is tired too. Swallowing is slow too, as is breathing.

My brain is tired. Not so much fog bound as slowed down. I can think OK it seems... just in slow motion.. and as long as there are no distractions. Trying to force the brain to work just causes the vision to flash and the entire body to go limp... not enough 'juice' in the system to run everything today and that old computer is an energy hog.. I stick to doing things by rote, things so well learned that the body just knows how to do them. I don't even try to do anything new, anything I may have to remember later. I used to try.. but I have learned that when I'm like this all I can do is fail.

Tired.. all systems outta power..

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