Sidney Chipman

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I'm A "Unique" Person

I'm a unique person for
I have a disease that no one
can see or feel, but me.

But that's not really
true, you know,
For if you look into my
eyes the stress and pain
lie there -
Everyone has that, you say!

Upon my face enscribed is
the armor of fatigue I wear -
Just tired, I get that way,
you say!

And as you talk to me
maybe you notice I don't
always answer you quickly -
Gathering my thoughts, you say!

I might stop in the middle of
a sentence or just totally forget
what I am saying to you -
I do that, or old age, you say!

Maybe the blank look on my face
is because my attention span
is out in left field somewhere -
Just distracted, you say!

And the redness on my face is
because all the above is
happening to me, because I don't know
how to explain a disease to you
that does not have a name like
Cancer, Polio, or Diabeties
that you can relate to -
All in my head, you say!

Even if I described my symptoms
and told you of my chronic pain,
depression, sleepless nights, confusion,
and how this disease affects other parts
and functions of my body, would you
believe me; or look at me and say
with disbelief - But you look so
fine and healthy!

Are you REALLY looking at me
or at what you want to see?

Are you REALLY listening
or are you afraid to hear?

Do you understand what I
am trying to say, or are
you as AFRAID as I am of
the unknown?

© Sidney Chipman, 1997

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