Steven DuPre

Steve DuPre says, "I live in northern California and have had CFIDS for 5 years. I've been able to maintain my teaching job on a part-time basis in the area of English-as-a-Second Language. I teach just 2 classes of recent immigrants who are mostly political refugees from Communist countries. To keep my job, I have had to give up some other activities like gardening and going to concerts. Bicycling and hiking in the mountains also used to be major activities in my life.

I have Master's degrees in American Literature and also in Linguistics. I have taught English in Pamplona, Spain, and Saigon, Vietnam. My faith in God has been a rock of sustenance and hope as I travel the CFIDS road.

I certainly enjoy reading the experiences of other fellow CFIDS travellers on this website.

© Steven DuPre, 1997

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